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  • Kaitangata or pupu?

    15 July at 10:19 from atlas

    An early rising was programmed to gather pupu? or kaitangata from Mahanga Beach. Ideal conditions I am informed from our local 'in the know' is that there should be a full moon, and the tide is at its lowest. What are we talking about here? The pupu is commonly referred to as the catseye originated from the shell which acts as a hard cap to close off the hard snail like shell and protect the fish inside. They are commonly found on rocky areas along the coastline. They are considered a delicacy of the maori and that view is shared by many kiwis alike. As has been previously mentioned, they could be considered sea snails and traverse the rocky environment similarly. I guess the size would be the attributing factor whether these creatures are called pupu or kaitangata in this region. The species at Mahanga are abnomally large whereas the pupu considerably smaller. Either size, I can assure you, if prepared well (boiled, lightly pickled) they are nice but chewy when cold. Take the cold bodies (eat the tails hot) and mince them into patties cousin did this the other day and the taste although unique, is not too dissimilar to a paua fritter. When next I head out to gather this fish, I will post a photo. Thats all the news for now


Whats the local goss??

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Whats the local goss